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Integrative Phenomics selected for the European Innovation Council’s Accelerator Plug-in Program: a fast track to develop and scale-up game-changing personalized nutrition

Paris, March 1, 2022 – Integrative Phenomics, a pioneering small to medium enterprise (SME) specialized in personalized nutrition models and solutions for metabolic health and diseases, was recently selected for the EIC Accelerator Plug-In program for its PINEAPPL project to accelerate and scale its existing technology for metabolic disease prevention and management.

A fastrack for Integrative Phenomics’ innovation and deployment

The Plug-in program identifies highly competitive companies with market disrupting technology. In France, the French Public Bank for Investments (BPIFRANCE) identifies a select group of highly competitive and promising companies for the EIC Accelerator. The EIC Accelerator targets the most innovative startups to mid-caps (<500 employees) with “high-risk, high potential” projects that demonstrate disruptive technologies and solutions. The EIC Accelerator funds companies up to €17.5 million for innovation activities through lump-sum grants and direct investments for market deployment and scale-up.

Through the Plug-in program, Integrative Phenomics can apply directly to the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator without going through the very competitive first selection round.

Continuing on established momentum to provide personalized nutrition globally

Integrative Phenomics has established its In silico Modeling Core (IMC), containing personalized nutrition models for metabolic health and disease management.  These models power a suite of solutions for medical, health, and food industries with the goal of making personalized nutrition available and effective for all. Through the EIC Accelerator, Integrative Phenomics will solidify its innovation and reach a larger population for metabolic disease prevention and management. This opportunity is a milestone in the company’s progress toward improving global health.

About Integrative Phenomics

Integrative Phenomics is a dynamic company dedicated to advancing precision and personalized nutrition through its cutting-edge models and real-world solutions. Our mission is to integrate individual factors ranging from biology, lifestyle, and gut microbiome, along with food and consumption habits and preferences, to provide holistic solutions for disease prevention and management. Our solutions are aimed at individuals, health professionals, and the food industry, paving the way for a future where nutrition is tailored to the unique needs of everyone.


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