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NUTRIMMUNE: a cutting-edge project selected within the EIC Pathfinder Challenge for Precision Nutrition

Paris, April 10, 2024

Integrative Phenomics, a deeptech SME specializing in the development of innovative models and solutions for personalized and precision nutrition, is proud to announce its pivotal role in a pioneering project selected under the European Innovation Council (EIC) Pathfinder Challenge 2023 Precision Nutrition Call. The project, NUTRIMMUNE (Precision Nutrition to optimize immune response for metabolic health) is a consortium along with 6 academic partners across France, Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. This four-year project aims to revolutionize the field of precision nutrition with a focus on enhancing immunity in those affected by metabolic diseases, notably those with obesity and diabetes.

Leading the Way in Precision Nutrition for Immune Health

As the world continues to face health challenges, and highlighted by the 2020 pandemic, the importance of immunity has never been more evident. On top of this, individuals with metabolic diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, also display immune system modifications. The NUTRIMMUNE project tackles this issue head-on by using precision nutrition. Partners will establish reliable and applicable biomarkers to stratify populations and tailor dietary advice. Integrative Phenomics is a partner at the forefront of this project, leveraging its advanced in silico modeling core (IMC©) and medical solutions to generate and deliver precision nutrition recommendations to improve immune health.

A Collaborative Effort for Groundbreaking Innovation

The project represents a significant step forward in precision nutrition, and the first of its kind directly addressing the immune modulating effect of targeted precision nutrition and associated dietary components within individuals with metabolic diseases. By combining the established excellence of the 6 European academic partners, spanning from clinical science, immunology, nutrition, and artificial intelligence, with the innovative models and capabilities of Integrative Phenomics, the team is set to uncover new insights into how nutrition can be optimized to support the immune system.

“Integrative Phenomics is thrilled by the EIC’s selection of NUTRIMMUNE within the 2023 Pathfinder Challenge Call for Precision Nutrition. This project will help lay the framework to establish Europe as an actor in the next wave of evidenced-based nutritional guidelines using precision nutrition. This is perfectly aligned with our company’s goals since the outset, which is to deliver evidence-based precision and personalized nutrition. We are looking forward to working with our project collaborators and the future portfolio collaborators, who are at the forefront of their respective fields, and delivering precision nutrition for individuals in need,” stated Timothy Swartz, Scientific Program Director, at Integrative Phenomics.

A Four-Year Journey Towards Improved Immunity

“Integrative Phenomics is excited to collaborate with Prof. Clément and her NutriOmics Lab on this transformative project. Our shared vision on targeting low-grade inflammation to prevent or manage metabolic disease and related risks is at the core of this partnership. The project is the perfect opportunity to combine their clinical and biological expertise with our approach to personalized nutrition using our existing models and algorithms within our in silico Modeling Core (IMC©). The IMC already powers solutions in personalized nutrition for cardiometabolic disease, and this will allow us to target disease prevention,” stated Timothy Swartz, Scientific Program Director at Integrative Phenomics.

Prof. Clément added, “This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to understanding the link between metabolism and inflammation in nutrition-related diseases. Personalized nutrition has the potential to change the way we approach these common disorders and their prevention.”

A Four-Year Journey Towards Improved Immunity

Currently, the project consortium has been invited to start the project grant preparation with an anticipated start September 2024. Over the next four years, the consortium will work diligently to establish strong scientific evidence between nutrition and immune health, identify and new biomarkers, and ultimately, beyond the project, establish the basis for future evidence-based European nutritional guidelines for improving immune health. This project not only underscores the European Union’s commitment to health innovation but also positions Integrative Phenomics as a global leader in the emerging field of precision nutrition.

About Integrative Phenomics

Integrative Phenomics is a deeptech SME dedicated to advancing evidence-based precision and personalized nutrition through its patented state-of-the-art models and real-world solutions. Its mission is to deliver a future where nutrition is tailored to everyone’s health. The company integrates individual factors such as biology, lifestyle, and gut microbiome, as well as eating and consumption habits and preferences, to provide holistic solutions for the prevention and management of metabolic diseases. These solutions are aimed at individual consumers and patients, healthcare professionals and the food industry

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