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Our solutions

A Personalized Nutrition Platform

Manage metabolic diseases and their risks

Healthcare Professionals

Improve metabolic health and prevent disease


Meet consumer needs with streamlined solutions

Food and meal providers

For Patients

Touva Medical is a companion application to monitor their treatment and progress alongside evolving recommendations based on everyday life and habits to ensure success.

For Health Professionals

Touva Medical is an evolving tool to provide confidence and help patient diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and monitoring.

For Individuals

Touva Health is a companion application with evolving recommendations for diet, physical activity, stress, eating behavior and sleep across all stages of life. Touva Health algorithms adapt to everyday life ensuring successful outcomes.

For Dietitians

Touva Health is an evolving tool for dietitians, helping improve their populations’ health through  personalized and comprehensive nutritional recommendations.


Touva Food is a streamlined solution offered to meet their consumers’ health needs through precision or personalized meal plans while maintaining their existing catalog. Touva Food algorithms also help further meet consumers’ priorities (health, sustainability, and cost) by evaluating and recommending new catalog formulations.

Food and meal providers

Touva Food algorithms are streamlined to respond to consumers’ needs with precision or personalized nutrition meal plans using existing their existing catalog. Touva Food also can improve existing catalogs and cater to consumer needs by offering evaluations and new formulations.


Touva Food provides precision and personalized menus to meet customers’ health demands. Touva Food algorithms also provide a means to reach customers’ priorities (health, sustainability, cost) through evaluating and formulating meals of interest.

Personalized Nutrition to improve outcomes across the cardiometabolic health spectrum

Touva supports individuals from all walks of life and professions to improve cardiometabolic health