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Integrative Phenomics highlighted for its approach using Personalized Nutrition for Prevention by Food Tech Venture Capital Firm

Paris, October 16, 2023Personalized Nutrition is grabbing more attention in the headlines, a recognition of the variability individuals display to food and lifestyle changes coupled with the continued rise of chronic nutrition-related diseases.

A recognition for our personalized nutrition approach to metabolic disease management and prevention

We are happy to see that our unique approach to Personalized Nutrition for metabolic disease prevention and management is gaining recognition.

Just recently, PeakBridge, a Venture Capital firm in sustainable foodtech, highlighted our company. In the article, we are highlighted for our model of disease prevention and our integrative approach using lifestyle and the gut microbiome.

While our solutions are also targeted to manage metabolic diseases and use factors beyond the lifestyle and gut microbiome, the importance of prevention and the comprehensive integration of individual data is becoming increasingly clear. We hope to spread this message as we move forward in our march toward providing accessible and applicable precision and personalized nutrition globally.

About Integrative Phenomics

Integrative Phenomics is a dynamic company dedicated to advancing precision and personalized nutrition through its cutting-edge models and real-world solutions. Our mission is to integrate individual factors ranging from biology, lifestyle, and gut microbiome, along with food and consumption habits and preferences, to provide holistic solutions for disease prevention and management. Our solutions are aimed at individuals, health professionals, and the food industry, paving the way for a future where nutrition is tailored to the unique needs of everyone.


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