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Integrative Phenomics launches its first commercial offer for personalized nutrition meal plan delivery service in partnership with Dietbon

Paris, November 25, 2021 – Following four years of research and development, Integrative Phenomics, a Paris-based pioneering startup in evidence-based personalized nutrition models, is offering its first of their kind personalized nutrition algorithms tailored to metabolic health. This novel service is the first personalized nutrition meal plan delivery service. The company has partnered with Dietbon, an at-home weight loss meal plan provider, to provide this service through Dietbon Optimum.  

Streamlined personalized nutrition for consumers

Dietbon Optimum uses Integrative Phenomics’ established In Silico Modeling Core, comprised of personalized nutrition models and algorithms to optimize meal plan recommendations using Dietbon’s existing catalogue of meals. Integrative Phenomics’ IMC provides streamlined personalized nutrition and generates personalized meal plans to optimize Dietbon Optimum consumers’ metabolic health.  

A personalized nutrition offer with evidence

Leading up to the launch of this offer, Integrative Phenomics and Dietbon had conducted a six-month pilot study to evaluate acceptability and effectiveness of the personalized nutrition algorithms. During the pilot, conducted in early to mid-2021, 31 clients received personalized nutrition plans and 31 clients received the standard meal plans. Both plans allowed clients to modify their mealplans, with the personalized mealplan providing meal selection guidance. Over the course of the program, individuals with the personalized nutrition program lost 20% more weight than the individuals receiving standard meal plans. Improvements of 42.6% in perceived global health were also observed in those following the personalized meal plan. 

How the service provides personalized nutrition

In Optimum service, clients complete Integrative Phenomics’ suite of questionnaires to apply their personalized nutrition models and generate personalized recommendations. Questionnaires include data such as eating habits and behavior, health, physical activity and well-being. This data is analyzed and compared with the thousands of profiles in Integrative Phenomics’ database (combining stool analysis and responses to questionnaires), enabling the company to profile and model the customer’s gut microbiome for nutrition recommendations.  

The Optimum plan represents Integrative Phenomics’ first commercial offer to the market and aligns with the company’s goal to provide accessible and effective personalized nutrition to all. This commercial offer will be the first opportunity to test Integrative Phenomics’ models in a real-world commercial solution reaching tens of thousands of individuals yearly to improve individual’s metabolic health.  

To see more about the press release event and the Dietbon Optimum offer, please check out the document here (PDF in French)

About Integrative Phenomics

Integrative Phenomics is a dynamic startup dedicated to advancing precision and personalized nutrition through its cutting-edge models and real-world solutions. Our mission is to integrate individual factors ranging from biology, lifestyle, and gut microbiome, along with food and consumption habits and preferences, to provide holistic solutions for disease prevention and management. Our solutions are aimed at individuals, health professionals, and the food industry, paving the way for a future where nutrition is tailored to the unique needs of everyone.


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