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Highlight of our first commercial offer in “Quotidien du Medecin”

Paris, December 10, 2021Last month  (November 21), we launched our first personalized nutrition commercial offer Dietbon Optimum, providing at-home weight loss meal plans directly to consumers. Through Dietbon Optimum, consumers have a personalized nutrition program to improve metabolic health. This program relies on Integrative Phenomics’ In silico Modeling Core (IMC) with personalized nutrition algorithms and models.

Highlight of our technology in popular French medical media

Following the product launch, we were highlighted in the French Magazine “Quotidien du Medecin”, a journal targeting healthcare professionals and those interested in health.

Please check out the article to read more about the program and our company (in French).

About Integrative Phenomics

Integrative Phenomics is a dynamic company dedicated to advancing precision and personalized nutrition through its cutting-edge models and real-world solutions. Our mission is to integrate individual factors ranging from biology, lifestyle, and gut microbiome, along with food and consumption habits and preferences, to provide holistic solutions for disease prevention and management. Our solutions are aimed at individuals, health professionals, and the food industry, paving the way for a future where nutrition is tailored to the unique needs of everyone.


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